Massage Table Repair
Pedicure Chair Repair
Day Spa and Salon Equipment Repair
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Keep your investment operating in top condition. When equipment is not working it costs you money. Let us help you to take the worry out of equipment failure.
Most equipment manufacturers recommend preventative maintenance on your equipment once every six months. By doing this Bi-yearly "Tune-up" the equipment will last longer and be less expensive to maintain. We look for potential problems and correct them before your equipment fails. Keeping your equipment up and running is our main goal.

We perform all of the manufacturers recommendations for preventative maintenance, helping you keep your equipment running like new.
Following our guidelines, your Salon/ Spa equipment should last many years. If you would like to be set up with our Preventative Maintenance call us today

We have a preventative maintenance program that can be set up to ensure that you have trouble-free use of the equipment.  Our Preventative Maintenance Program involves a mechanical inspection, going through your equipment thoroughly, cleaning,recalibrating, tightening, adjusting, leveling, checking all of the electrical connections and repairing any issues that can be done at that time of service. Such as Massage table repair, pedicure chair repair, facial steamer repairs, hydrotherapy tub repairs and much more.

Depending on the usage of your equipment we recommend you schedule preventative maintenance once every 4-6 months. By having the preventative maintenance done your equipment will last longer and be less expensive to maintain. We also sell medical grade Solution Cleaning products to properly clean and sanitize all your all salon and spa equipment.
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